Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Surrender

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I had an understanding that the angel of provision would become very important to these upcoming events. In hindsight, I understand that the Lord was preparing me to take the next step of our journey and move me toward my personal metamorphosis. The Lord is in the midst of releasing many angels of provision into the realm of earth at this hour. I believe that many people will be assigned angels of provision.

These angels will work with you to release finances that will allow you to complete the things that are on your heart.

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For some it will be evangelism. For others it will be ministering to widows and orphans. Whatever God has placed upon your heart, He can empower angelic ministry to release the provision to accomplish the task. You can access this area of angelic ministry.

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You do not need to be a superstar or person of great faith. These angels are going to be released to ordinary people. It was another answer to prayer, and I graciously accepted her offer.

When the service began, I was not surprised to hear the angelic hosts join with the worship team. The Lord spoke to this angel, although I did not understand the words that passed back and forth between them. However, I did understand that this angel had been working in Tanzania and had been on an important assignment. I really do not understand how I knew what was transpiring. I just had a supernatural revelation of what was taking place as the Lord stood over me and gave instruction to the angel.

Perhaps just being so close to the Lord allowed me to have some understanding of the things that were unfolding before me in the spirit. I knew that this angel was returning into the realms of Heaven, and that the assignment that it had been on had now been completed. It was very similar to the night in Springdale when I saw Jesus ascend back through the open heaven spinning in the sanctuary in Living Waters Church.

See John The Lord looked at me and gave me a big smile.

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He began to speak to me again, just as a loving friend would to a small child. In just a moment or two, He was again interrupted by a second strong angel. This time the angel descended from the realms of Heaven upon Jesus and stepped onto the beach. Once again the Lord and the angel began to speak, though again I was unable to understand the language that they spoke.

I could see this second angel was powerful and very strong. He carried himself in the manner of a warrior, and there was a large sword in his right hand. He also had a large, polished, shiny golden shield in his left hand. Upon his belt were other weapons, including an ornate buckler and a smaller type of sword. As I was looking, I suddenly saw Jesus pat the angel upon his powerful shoulder and point with His right hand.

Immediately, the angel turned in military fashion and ran off in the direction that the Lord had indicated. I was astonished, but I was also absolutely certain that Jesus had just commissioned the strong second angel to an important mission in the nation of Tanzania. Then Jesus turned His loving gaze back upon me as I lay on the beach. The waters were still billowing around me.

As if sensing I was uncomfortable, the Lord smiled and gently began to speak with me about the seer prophets of old. This encounter with the Lord continued from about A. However, in the realm of the spirit, it seemed to last for many more hours.

Entertaining Angels ~ Moments of Surrender

The Lord continued to speak to me in great detail about the seer gift or anointing. I could determine the passage of time because the sun shifted its position over the sea of glass-like crystal as He continued to speak. The other reason I was aware of time passing was that there began to be a steady stream of angels ascending and descending upon the Lord Jesus Christ. After the first few, I began to relax.

This prophecy was given over 2, years ago. We are entering into the season when this prophetic word will begin to manifest in the lives of ordinary people.

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We have entered that kairos time today. Jesus prophesied that the heavens would open. Jesus came to restore the open heavens back over mankind, and thereby reunite the Creator to the creature, mankind. Today the heavens are open, and the angels of God are becoming very active in the realms of earth.

God created a spiritual realm or dwelling place, and He also created a temporal, earthly realm. This is the nature of creation and is further illustrated in Genesis 1. The Lord divided the heavens or spiritual realm from the terrestrial or temporal realm. Genesis also illustrates the separation of the earthly realm and the spiritual realm. The passage in Genesis 2 also refers to several heavens, but for the sake of this study we will only speak in terms of the heavens and the earth, although some theologians believe there could be as many as 21 levels of heaven, hence the terms, third heaven and seventh heaven.

The angels of God are becoming very active in the lives of ordinary people who are friends of God. What a time to be alive! Jesus has given us a very clear pattern to follow; He modeled how to implement angelic ministry. For the Father loves the Son…. Jesus was a seer. The Lord was obedient, and lived His life out of the total obedience or unction of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is now releasing the seer anointing to people throughout the earth.

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Of course He was already aware of that, so I described how marvelous were the works of His hands and how utterly fantastic it was that each tiny snowflake was different. I described how wonderful the colors of the rainbow were and how they represented His covenant with man. The Lord was patient and allowed me to carry on in this fashion for several minutes, but alas, I was not really able to accurately answer His simple request. Then He spoke to me and gave me the revelation to what I was seeing.

I fell to my knees and began to weep as a passion that I had never known began to well up from some mysterious and hidden place deep within my spirit. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with a strange compulsion to watch for a long time as thousands upon thousands of tiny flakes fell through the bright sunbeam. Their short fall was full of spectacular color and glory, but when they hit the ground, it was all over.

The Lord was revealing to me a prophetic picture of the brevity of our short lives on an eternal scale.

objectifcoaching.com/components/queens/rencontre-femme-auxerre.php Our days on earth are but a vapor! See Psalm and James I was pierced through to the very heart. I will do that, my God, but I will need Your help. During this encounter, God birthed within me a holy passion and hunger to witness souls saved and people totally healed and delivered. I was absorbed in witnessing the array of tiny cascades of colors that luxuriated in the glory of God.

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I contemplated the ramifications of what I had been told. What a beautiful and glorious God He is. How can we as humankind turn our backs upon Him and such a great salvation that is so easily ours? I pondered all of the events that had been unfolding over the past few days, realizing that I would never be the same. I also realized that God would have to bring all the things that He had birthed in my heart to pass. I purposed to surrender my life and destiny to His will, and to Him. I was actually terrified by the prospect of traveling to Africa. However, I soon learned that with God nothing is impossible.

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Perhaps my obedience to walk with God in minus 12 degree temperatures opened the door to Africa to me? It was still another seemingly bizarre and peculiar gesture of obedience to the Spirit of God. I could no longer settle for a form of godliness. The momentum of these meetings continued to build. In desperation, I positioned my heart to encounter God. I continued to see the open heaven swirling in the sanctuary of Living Waters Ministries.

I was still seeing feathers and bolts of lightning, and hearing dozens of angels singing along with the worship team. God commands those faithful spirits who are nearest to Him, who come from Him and are marked by Him to guard us in all our ways. It is here that the Lord promises the Israelites that they would be guided and kept in their way through the wilderness to the Promised Land of Canaan. This was no ordinary angel either. This promise was connected with the rule that they the Israelites must be obedient to the angel God sent before them.

For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my Heavenly Father. This is one of the key passages in the Bible regarding guardian angels.