Agape, Eros, Gender: Towards a Pauline Sexual Ethic

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They were patrons of the first order and Paul had no choice but to acknowledge them as such. Yet he might have done more. Palestine in the first century AD was a densely layered, diverse center of human thought and activity. Aramaic was a regional vernacular, Hebrew the language of Judaism, Greek reflected classical education and lingering Hellenistic influence, and Latin represented the ascendance of the Roman Empire and its bureaucracy. But speaking is more than saying words: it is a cultural act, since every word has meaning and every implication is cultural.

And language, like those using it, occurs within a specific place and time. As we attempt, through language and history, to understand the past — the formulations and verbalizations of its perceptions, ideas, and reality — an historical context emerges. That understanding is what translation and the study of history are about, and it is why faithful interpretation is complicated.

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Paul, too, is complicated, but he is historical, and therefore not merely a figure but also a person. He wrote in Greek, so likely thought in it, too.

Despite his knowledge of Greek and its historical context, Watson relies too much on conceptual analyses that dehumanize Paul and miss the point. Paul believed Jesus was the answer to the question of whether life in the flesh is ordered and imbued with spiritual meaning. Not that Jesus had created that meaning, but had made its previous appearance in Jewish Law a viable way of life for Paul. He saw the key to that viability as celibacy and therefore strove for a behavior that did not come naturally, and so not easily, to himself.

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It was not a state Paul arrived at simply through argumentation but through a difficult, sacrificial struggle and, even more than his misogyny, that sacrifice — in many ways particular to Paul — makes him a hard read for our age. Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Good Christian Sex. Brian D.

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Je kunt je toestemming altijd weer intrekken. Lees meer. Schrijf een review. E-mail deze pagina. Auteur: Francis Watson. Uitgever: Cambridge University Press. Samenvatting Issues of gender and sexuality have recently come to the fore in all humanities disciplines, and this book reflects this broad interdisciplinary situation, although its own standpoint is broadly theological. In contrast to many contemporary feminist theologies, gender and sexuality eros are here understood within a distinctively Christian context characterized by the reality of agape - the New Testament's term for the comprehensive divine-human love that includes the relationship of man and woman within its scope. The central problem is concern with key Pauline texts relating to gender and sexuality 1 Cor.

They are read here in conjunction with later theological and non-theological texts that reflect that influence - ranging from Augustine and Barth to Virginia Woolf, Freud and Irigaray. Toon meer Toon minder.