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Front Matter Pages i-xxiv. Front Matter Pages Pages Final Frontiers?

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Envisioning Utopia in the Era of Limits. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Limiting Outer Space propels the historicization of outer space by focusing on the Post-Apollo period. Firebird developer Innerspace tries its hand at VR gaming with its latest project and the early signs are hugely promising. This is a narrative-driven puzzle game with some amazing ideas behind it, including a strange sort of Russian Doll mechanic that will have you teaming up with yourself in order to fix the world around you. Ace Combat 7 may have barrel rolled out of but its January 18th release date is right around the corner and we remain very excited about it.

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We have high hopes for the second episode. Sony London builds on what it learned with its popular London Heist demo here.

PDF Cosmo Combat (Written) (Astro Ace Book 1)

Step into the shoes of a former SAS soldier and take the fight to the gangs of the UK capital in this sweary shooter that aims to deliver the AAA experience people crave. You have to judge a series of robots that are hoping to pass through your crossing based on certain standards. It shares its name with the year-old action-adventure, Chimera, which Ahmad also worked on. What does he have in store?

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After releasing games like Viral EX and Augmented Empire, the two are pairing up for an unannounced project which we really hope will reach even greater heights than either of them have yet achieved on their own. This is a high-octane VR thrill-ride backed by the production values that only Oculus Studios can afford, taking you from sky-diving setpieces to sneaky spy missions. But with the beta opening up, it is seeming like a genuine reality.

With VR support now officially, officially confirmed multiple times for day one! Making your very own VR world is hopefully just a few months away.

Eden Tomorrow debuted at Gamescom several years ago with a promising demo that let you walk with space dinosaurs. Stealth in VR can be utterly thrilling and this looks like it could be the best entry in the genre yet for VR headsets.

Keep a very close eye on Espire 1. This is a much more realistic-looking take on the long-running franchise that will have us using Move controllers to take swings and score birdies. Just mind the lampshades.

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VR can do wonders for building a relationship with virtual characters and Falcon Age seems to speak directly to that. In this new adventure you raise a pet Falcon and grow a bond as you care for it. Episode 2 represented a massive leap over the original in pretty much every area, and hopefully we can expect a similar sort of expansion here.

You build a relationship with a town of cutesy little creatures, each of which is wondering why this enormous ghost has suddenly appeared in their lives. Fans of games like Echo the Dolphin might want to check this enchanting new title. Together with a friend or AI partner, you explore the remains of mankind, left to drown in a neon-lit ocean.

Prepare to have your jaw dropped. The sequel to one of our all-time favorite Oculus Rift games is finally on the way. Expect this to be big. You become a titan that uses their size and firepower to win a contest to become a god. Velocity and Tiny Trax developer FuturLab trades twitch-based arcade gameplay for a manic multiplayer tabletop experience here and the results are very promising.

It helps that the little machines you partner with are highly customizable and utterly adorable. Some VR games seem to just appear out of thin air. Node is certainly one of those games. This is a surprisingly solid-looking shooter in which you train to become the ultimate soldier. The game mixes roguelike elements with classic shooter design a little like Compound to offer an experience you can come back to time and again. This is an MMO-like experience in which players explore a massive world together, taking on vicious creatures in combat and uncovering the secrets of the gorgeous world that surrounds them.

If NetEase corrects its course, this could be a big game.

The popular board game is getting the VR treatment, but not in the way you might expect. Beyond Tactics is going to take the world of Numera and build a new turn-based strategy game around it. From the makers of Smash Box Arena comes a massive new last man standing multiplayer game in which you can build structures, glide through the air with jet packs and, of course, shoot your friends in the middle of their faces.

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Expect Population One to cause a big stir in the VR community. It promises some silly jump scare fun at the very least. Proze: Prologue was a short but promising teaser of what developer SignSine has in store for its upcoming episodic series.