Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice

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Silent mantras promote clear focus on whatever you want to do. Sung mantras support your meditation practice through the vibration of your voice. Breathing is the basis of your body to live. Mindful breathing and breath work are forms of active meditation that get you out of your head and back into your body.

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Focussed breathing anchors you to the here and now. Physiological breath is your natural breath.

I find it utterly important to begin with the physiological breath, because we seem to loose it somehow during our early life. It is the vital foundation to being able to play with your breath afterwards breath work. Just take a deep breath! The effects of mindful breathing are equally physical, emotional and spiritual. We release blockages through guided breathing which activates the natural process of healing.

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Breath work fosters stress and anxiety to be released and brings you feelings of joy, clarity and lightness. Please schedule ideally. Breath touches on topics such as trust, letting go, acceptance, feeling free, opening up - these are topics that may need a longer period of time to be fully released. I need to be physically present with you in order to be responsive to your breath.

You open the gates to more clarity and change when the energy in your body begins to flow again. Reiki Usui and chakra balancing. Astrology is a divination tool to know yourself. You have the free will to choose differently, but how would life be if it were but a little more affluent?

During an astrological consultation, we have a look into your natal chart and try to find answers and resolutions to your questions. My singing improved steadily and pretty soon, I gained more confidence in my voice. In , I decided to take it one step further.

I wanted to teach what I know to others. I wanted to be the teacher that I wish I had. I vowed to be patient and empathetic towards my students. Above all, I wanted to design and plan each singing lesson to the individual student's strengths and interests. This way, I could help my students improve the areas that they needed to work on - helping them improve faster.

This is where you come in. I want to be there for you on your journey of learning to sing. I want to help you be the best singer you can be. Amit Narsey vocalist of Mandarin Tree. Unlike a guitar or a piano, there are no keys to press and no strings to strum when you sing.

What Great Singers Focus On

Your body is your instrument - your mind and imagination is the key to controlling your voice. What you need is to learn how to make them work together as a whole - as a musical instrument! You'll have all of the vocal tone colours available to you. When you can control your instrument with ease and free from tension, you'll have 'found your voice'. It is an amazing feeling. Benny Ng singing teacher of SingNow Studio. Every lesson will cover at least 3 of these 5 aspects of vocal technique :.

Far too often, singing teachers follow a generic, cookie-cutter approach to teaching singing. They use the same exercises for every single student and expect them to get better at singing that way. They fail to understand that every student is unique - not only their voice but also their learning styles, musical background and personality. I take notes after each lesson for every single one of my students to help me monitor their progress and plan for their next lesson.

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  • I then make the necessary changes to cater to the learning needs of my students. From my experience, many of my students have experienced instant improvement that way. Offering customized singing lessons is a big deal for me. It took me 14 years to hone my singing skills and hundreds of hours of research to find the safest and the most effective vocal exercises to help my students improve their voice. So why am I adding in extra free stuff? I'll also give you an overview of your vocal strengths and areas that you need to work on.

    I ask so that I can prepare a customized lesson plan for you. And whatever you decide, this lesson will always be free. Once we start learning songs usually from the very first lesson! These include lyric sheets, chord charts, sheet music and backing tracks for you to take home.

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    You'll get practice plans as part of each lesson. That way, you'll know and remember exactly what you need to practice to become a better singer. There are at least 2 student showcases per year June, October where you'll get to perform one song in front of an audience. This is optional but can be a great starting point if you've never performed before. I'll prepare you thoroughly technique, interpretation, stagecraft for the showcase if you choose to perform in it.

    Sounds simple but I needed reminding!! Since my lesson I have been doing relaxed breathing and have really noticed how tense it was and how much I need to let my jaw go. Not sure if it was anything to do with my breathing before bed but I even slept better, it's been two years since I haven't woken in the night! And today I walked for an hour and a half doing [the new] breathing [exercise] and came home and managed to sing a relaxed Mariah Carey song!!!

    It's been years!! My husband couldn't believe it. I'm going to work so hard at this thanks so much for triggering the start of something great and the summary and exercises!!

    Improve Your Tone of Voice to Communicate More Effectively

    Thank you Benny. Then I joined up for another set of classes and invited five friends to come! We had a fabulous four weeks of getting pushed out of our comfort zones and we learned and improved heaps. Benny is extremely knowledgeable and engaging and has a knack for explaining music to people at all levels of experience. He taught me that I have a natural musical instrument within me that can be mastered and he put the strength back in my voice that I had when I was younger.

    From the very first day you increased my confidence.

    Sing Out Loud Book I: Discovering Your Voice

    Your focus on all the aspects of the body that make up the voice were very interesting and helpful. I also found the weekly exercises you gave me a good way to stay connected to my voice.

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    I have recommended you to several people who have expressed interest in improving their singing and will continue to do so.